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If you do not have Winzip, it is available here. - Finally found the reason why the default macro runs when the program starts! - Added some more debuging measures to help with diagnosis of registration issues - Account recognition now in place, ready for version 2! - Big changes internally, UO 3D now recognised properly - Added more messages to the list that are reacted to. Debugging enhanced - Replaced debug window, added debug on/off commands - Removed debug window. Release code of connection to UOAssist. - further UOAssist connection problem fix. BETA (Will be fixed tomorrow!) - UOAssist connection problem fix and Third Dawn first release. - Beta version for Third Dawn - Added hyperlink to register page - Bug fixed the selection of macros 9 - 16 - Bug fixed Set Focus error message on change of character. - Added tabs for future features - Changed layout, added permanent locations - Added further 8 macros to select box
  - UOA Loop now closes when UOA cannot be found. - First version with new trialware key.

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