Registered Version
  • Gave the Site a newish look as it moved from it's old home to it's new home.
  • Added some more debugging features for easier diagnosis of problems and emailing
  • Finally solved the 3D bug
  • Removed the debug screen by default. Any bugs or strangeness tell me!
  • Posted another fixed version. Fixes for more UOAssist connection problems.
  • Posted a fixed version. Fixes for UOAssist connection problems.
  • Posted Third Dawn Beta version. Thanks to Jim for help with this.
  • Credit cards can now be used! I'm sorry it has taken so long to get it up and running but it is working now! Minor bug fix also included.
  • Posted the final version of the new format. Graphics on the site changed. Credit card use should be any day now!
  • Posted Beta version, if I get no complaints from the testers it will go live in a couple of days.
  • Posted Security page, if the application shows you your username and password then you should worry!
  • Posted the screen shots of the new beta version. Testing is going well, will be released this week.
  • Added counters and other site stuff. I have had a request for the location box to update as the player walks, should be ready soon!
  • Posted new version with 16 macro Slots.
  • Just noticed that UOA now has 16 macro slots! Doh! Will add another 8 slots and post tomorrow.
  • Big patch came out yesterday, a lot of functionality has been put into the new OSI client, sadly not quite enough! New version of UO Assist already up and working. No changes in UOA Loop.
  • Site reworked completely. Posted new "Trialware" version of full product. All the features will last for 15 days.
  • Site redone.
  • First freeware version posted! Site will be redone soon! Honest!

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