Before you start the trial or purchase a license you should read the License Agreement.

There is no guarantee that UOA Loop will function correctly. This means that if changes are made to Ultima Online that stops UOAssist, therefore UOA Loop, from functioning correctly there is no promise that the problem will be corrected.

The 15 day free trial is designed to give you a chance to try out UOA Loop and make sure that you want to buy a license.

Please make use of the trial period, it is for your convenience.

A UOA Loop license costs only GB 5 + Tax for your area please open the Help | Register menu in UOA Loop and copy the Primary Seed from the top edit box in that window to the edit box below.

Primary Seed

You will get your license key within 1 working day but it will normally only take a couple of hours.

You will be sent notification updates about new features and will be entitled to all new versions as long as the major version number doesn't change.

Email to: